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 Beth Livington

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Alexanderia aze

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PostSubject: Beth Livington   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:31 pm

1. Name: Beth Livington
2. age:13
3. Family: mom dad and 2 bros
4. Rank (Royalty, Noble, Knight, Magician, Commoner): Commoner
5. Where You Live: England
6. Eyes:green
7. Skin:pale
8. Hair:brown
9. Weapons: knife
10. Pets: a dog name scotty
11. Biography (5 sentences): Beth lives with here parents and 2 bros in a small village. She works with her mom but traines with her naborher Jhon. She got Her dog scotty a border collie, at age 10. she had an older brother but he died during a raid on there village and was killed by a knight on "actcident". She resents the knights for that.
12. Rp Example (five sentences): I walked in. When the hell was he? I was a Jhon's house waiting for training. I walked around. Then I saw a note with a small lether bag under it. On the frount it said to beth. I opened it. It said:
Sorry can't make it to training to day.
I saw you looking at this when we wre in the market a few weeks ago.
I saved up for it. I hope you like it

I open up the bag and pulled out the neckless that I was admioring a few weeks ago. I bit my lip and put it on. I smiled and ran out.
13. Notes:She keeps her knife in her boot.

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Stevie Rae

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PostSubject: Re: Beth Livington   Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:19 am


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Beth Livington
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